Technical 24m/s Protection Leather Boots

Protective leather boots with saw protection Technical 24m/s

Water repellent, lightweight leather boots with good stability, fit for tough use. Reinforced front and back for increased support and padded front tongue and top for comfort. TE-POR membrane keeps the feet dry whereas the Wibram sole provides a good grip. Easy roller closure for easy adjustment. Fitted with toe protection overlap for increased safety. Fulfils EN ISO 17249:2013 class 2 24 m/s. Sizes 39 –47.

  • Saw protection Yes
  • Approved according to EN ISO 17249:2013
  • Class Class 2 (24 m/s)
  • Steel toecap Yes

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    Technical 24m/s Protection Leather Boots

    Technical 24m/s Protection Leather Boots. Updated with a new heel construction, more stabile upper part with softer inside for comfort and a new sole for better grip during cold conditions. Made of Sympatex® that is a 100% waterproof and breathable high quality material. The leather boot has extra padding around the ankle, heel and top for extra protection and comfort, and a steel top cap. Lower part of boot from sole and up is reinforced with rubber as extra protection.


    Saw Protection 24m/s – Approved saw protection class 2, 24m/s.

    Soft Inner – Softer heel and inside for comfort during long working days.

    Grip – Stable sole with optimized grip prevents slipping in cold conditions.

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    Saw protection

    Steel toecap
















    Approved according to EN


    Approved according to E

    Approved according to SB

    Approved according to SRA

    Approved according to WRU


    ISO 20344, 20345, 1329 & 17249

    Class 2 (24 m/s)